Terms & Conditions at La Fucinaia Bed and Breakfast

Rules and Restrictions

  • Access to the structure is reserved for our customers, it is not allowed to invite strangers to sleep.
  • Check-in starts at 15:00 and ends at 21:00, unless otherwise agreed between the manager and the guests, we will always be ready to meet your needs, it is possible to request to check in even before the room is ready , in order to receive the keys and then return calmly once the room is ready.
  • Check out must be done strictly by 10:30 on the last day of stay.
  • Breakfast is served from 07:45 to 10:45, unless otherwise agreed between the manager and the guests, upon request we also prepare breakfast for those leaving early in the morning (for example to take the ferry).
  • It is absolutely FORBIDDEN to smoke in the rooms, you will find ashtrays in the outdoor spaces.
  • The cleaning in the rooms is done daily, however the room must be vacated for the time of cleaning, approximately from 11:00 to 13:00 if the room remains occupied until 13:00 the cleaning will not be done. The guest can refuse daily cleaning by affixing the appropriate slip to the handle.
  • The sheets and pillowcases are changed every 3 or 4 days depending on the period of stay of the client; towels are changed every 2 days, any anticipated change will be charged to the customer.
  • The total anticipated change of bedroom linen costs €10 per bed, the total additional total bathroom linen costs €5 per change.
  • We care a lot about the relaxation of our customers, therefore we ask strictly to respect the hours of rest and silence (2.00pm/4.00pm - 11.00pm/9.30am) avoiding shouts and loud noises.


Our structure is pet friendly, your dog friends are welcome but to respect everyone's spaces and the safety of cats they cannot roam freely in the structure or in the garden, so they can follow the owner everywhere but with a leash.
It is highly recommended to have insurance and vaccinations in order and to apply regularly anti-flea, anti-parasitic and anti-swill products, the responsibility for the dog's actions lies with the owner.
It will be the owner's responsibility to remove their dogs' droppings and warn them if they get dirty in the common areas so that we can sanitize the affected area.
Dogs can be left alone in the rooms as long as they don't bark insistently and don't destroy the furniture; to attend the common areas and the dog area together with the other dogs present, they must be socialized and not pose a danger to guests or other dogs, otherwise or in the presence of dogs in heat or just operated, access to the dog area can be reserved for 30 minutes for exclusive use without any problems.
Our dog area is in a wood immediately next to the B&B, your dogs can run under the oaks in total safety, an area where you can spend relaxing moments with 2 and 4 paws in the fresh air. The dog area is smoking free and has its own regulations posted at the gate.
We also welcome your cat friends without problems, advising you not to let them go free as we are surrounded by a forest and the cats could escape.


The management declines any type of responsibility for valuables contained in the rooms. If there are objects of particular value following our customers, guests are invited to deliver them to the management after completing the appropriate form to have them kept.

Smoking free

Our rooms and common areas such as the corridors and the breakfast room are smoke-free. Smoking is allowed only in open spaces; the tables on the common terrace and the patio tables of the ground floor rooms will be equipped with ashtrays.


Parking is located in an unpaved square outside the building and is always available and free.


Ours is a structure that accepts animals; in case of allergic subjects, please contact the hotel before booking in order to better manage the reservation of the allergic customer; in case of food allergies or of any other kind, they must be communicated before the guests' arrival in order to prepare an adequate breakfast.

Extra consumption

In the breakfast room you will find a fridge with drinks, beers, wine and water accessible 24 hours a day; upon your arrival you will be explained how to mark what you want to take; extra consumption will be charged at check out.

Hygiene and sanitation

The bed linen is sanitized by a special company that takes care of washing and packaging the bed linen, the rooms are sanitized and sanitized with special products and steam at high temperatures; between one customer and the next customer they are sanitized.